It’s the age old question. What diet are humans really meant to have? While the meat industry might want you to believe that we are naturally are carnivores this is far from the truth. In this blog I will go over a few scientific reasons to why we are naturally meant for a vegetarian diet.

1.)    Teeth: Canines, incisors, and molars.

The first thing we can look at when trying to answer this question is at the differences between the teeth of herbivores, humans, omnivores and carnivores. First let’s take a closer look at the canine teeth for all four subjects. Carnivores and omnivores (meat eaters) both alike have long, sharp, and curved canine teeth. In contrast, herbivores have dull and short canine teeth. Lastly, humans have short blunted canine teeth. As we can see, human canine teeth closely resemble herbivore teeth. This helps us add to the argument that humans are naturally not herbivores and omnivores.


Source: livinontheveg

2.)    Stomach Acidity

The next thing we can look at is the difference between the acidity levels in the stomach between the groups. Carnivores and omnivores both have a pH 1 and herbivores and humans have a pH of 4-5. What does this tell us? It tells us that omnivores and carnivores need this high of a pH level because it allows them to break down raw meat. Humans do not have this capability. This is why we cook. Naturally our body will not support eating meat. This is why once again humans are meant not to eat meat.

3.)    Nails

The next thing we can look at is the difference in nails for carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and humans. Once again, carnivores and omnivores are alike in this category as well. They both have sharp claws which are used to bring down their prey. Herbivores and humans both have flattened nails which would never be able to be used to kill an animal. When’s the last time you have used your nails to go hunt?

4.)    Chewing

The last thing I want to look at is chewing. Did you know that lions don’t chew their food? This is why they have such high pH stomach acidity which helps them break down their food. Let me stop from digressing. Once again let’s look at the difference in chewing habits for the four types in question. Carnivores in this regard do not do any chewing what so ever. They swallow their food whole. Omnivores do the same thing but they do have the ability to do some simple crushing. For herbivores and humans to process their food extensive chewing is necessary. Hmmm we are once again more like herbivores than carnivores and omnivores! Shocking… Not really.

5.) Mindset

Carnivores are designed to have the natural tendency to kill in order to survive. Humans on the other hand have the tendency to be compassionate and feel for another living things pain. Why would this be? Because we naturally aren’t meant to kill other living things.

I would like to finish of this blog post by asking the readers to deeply think about who benefits when you eat meat? Let’s go through it together. The animal that you are eating obviously did not benefit (since it lost its life. For a moment here think about the deepness of this) Secondly, you did not benefit (its proven that eating a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of health problems all across the board when in comparison to a meat based diet). Well, the animal didn’t benefit. Neither did you. So who did? The only entity left in the equation is the food industry. Let me let you in on a secret. They are getting away with murder! In more than one way. Humans are getting sicker, animals are losing their lives (silent holocaust) and they are making tons of money. This doesn’t make sense. Please leave your comment below on what you think about this subject. I’d love to chat!